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Lucie Charrington Lic.Ac BSc (Hons)


I'm Lucie, a qualified Acupuncturist who has studied two styles of Acupuncture, Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I have a Licentiate in Acupuncture BSc (Hons) from the renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. 

As part of my ongoing training I also complete 30 hours of CPD training a year. 

I am trained to treat a variety of medical conditions. I strongly believe in working alongside Western Medicine as complementary opposed to being separate from it, and will always work with other health professionals or recommend others if it is in your best interest.

I have a special interest in women's health, particularly pre and post birth and have completed specialist training on preparing women for their menopause. 

I commonly treat for Muscular Skeletal complaints, focusing on sinews, and I practice Orthopaedic testing and Traditional East Asian Medicine to diagnose and treat.

One day a week I volunteer at The Fountain Centre, treating and supporting patients under-going cancer treatment. The charity is based at St Luke's at the Royal Surrey, Guildford.

In addition to Chinese Medicine I integrate Doterra Essential Oils within my treatments and have found them to be a hugely beneficial first aid tool when looking after my own family.  

I live near Alton in Hampshire and am a mother to three children (two of which are twins), a wife, mountain lover, walker, and skier.  

Being a mum who's experienced burnout in the past from not meeting my own needs, I understand the mental and physical demands we face raising humans and juggling working life.   

My aim is to create a relaxed, comfortable and confidential space for you, and to empower you to make any changes that can improve your health and wellbeing, enabling you to enjoy day to day life and develop useful coping strategies.

I am a member of the (AAC) Association of Acupuncture clinicians operating under and adhering to:

🌿Compliance with current Health and Safety legislation

🌿Stringent Codes of Safe Practice 

🌿Professional codes of conduct

Discovery calls are available if you have any questions and would like to find out more:                                           

07920 752 608

I thought about having Acupuncture for some time as I have a painful right foot. 
I met Lucie in Reading , She explained the whole process to me. Giving me very useful information.
I understood that the treatment was a holistic treatment and many systems in the body would benefit.
On our first meeting, Lucie was very welcoming, she took a full assessment and identified areas that she may be able to help i.e sleep issues. 
She is a good listener, and showed a lot of kindness and empathy towards me. 
After each session I felt relaxed, calm and lifted. I attended for many sessions and felt the benefit on each occasion.
I will continue with Acupuncture in the future.
Thank you Lucie for all you have done for me .


Your treatment has really helped me, as have our chats and your advice and I will miss seeing you.


Thank you for everything you have done. You have helped by back and made me feel so much better in myself.


I have had back pain for the last 20 years, every three to six months i get a back spasm that means I can't stand up straight. This normally lasts for about two weeks, i have a physical job and not being able to stand up is far from ideal. Last Tuesday I had the dreaded pain in my back that I knew would develop over the next few hours into a scoliosis that would last for two weeks. I contacted and saw Lucie the next day, in the hope she might be able to help, after a 45 minute needling session the back had loosened somewhat, but the real difference was over the next two days the spasm released and i was back to physical work by Friday, For anyone who knows back pain there is nothing quite as wonderful as it getting better and to get movement back so unexpectedly quickly is quite brilliant - I can highly recommend you seeing Lucie she is brilliant!"


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