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Acupuncture near Alton Hampshire

Alternatives Health Clinic

LC Acupuncture is located in Shalden, and is approximately 3 miles away from Alton town centre and is less than 10 miles from Basingstoke, Selborne, Preston Candover and Upton Grey.


Alternatives Clinic is set in a peaceful rural location. There is plenty of free parking and a waiting room with WC facilities.

 The clinic room is located on the ground floor which is helpful if you have difficulty with mobility. 


Natural Balance can also be found at Alternatives health clinic. Sara offers holistic individualised treatments including- reflexology, acupressure, and massage.

Sara is also a doula and offers prenatal, birth and postnatal treatments and support packages . 

Alternatives Health Clinic, Aylesfield Buildings, 16 Froyle Road Gu34 4BY.

For information on our Alresford Clinic

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Alternatives Clinic

16 Old Aylesfield Buildings

Froyle Road


GU34 4BY


Opening Hours

Wednesday 09:30-13:30

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